Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday at Sean Casey

The Hamilton Doghouse, run by Sean Casey Animal Rescue, seemed like a city within a city yesterday afternoon, and the groupings of rescued animals made cities within that one, as we passed by the haven of abandoned birds, lizards and snakes, various rodents, cats and kittens, and a yard full of 6 or 7 African Spurred Tortoises that lumbered casually over the sunlit cement. We didn't enter the kennel filled with barking dogs, we would have been over our heads at that point, but we saw some of them being walked and attended to by the several volunteers drawn to the place by their tender hearts and appreciation of Sean Casey's mission.

We got an excellent used cage for our two new baby rats which they carefully hosed down and scrubbed for us. So now, we've got this amazing roomy cage at a bargain price and they have a little more room in their store, which is full to tipping. Sean Casey went down into his basement to root for it himself, he's like cool hand Luke, a man with a lot of quiet passion and intelligence simmering behind those penetrating eyes of his that I found a little bit intimidating at first. He's built quite a city there, a small hive of those tender hearted ones who can't resist aiding the vulnerable. A little heaven on earth, right off Ft. Hamilton Parkway.

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