Sunday, May 17, 2009

school carnival

Seconds after we'd walked through the PS 154 gate onto the blacktop some kid with an impressive arm hit a target that dunked a shivering man into the vat of cold water beneath him. There but for the grace of God.

My determination to keep Nora off the inflatable obstacle course was due to a neurosis, the product of her harrowing early morning nosebleed. I suddenly realized that everything would be ok, so off she went along with her brother, who helped her over the high, slippery inflatable hurtles and through the narrows gaps. I stood outside considering this air-filled prison guard's puffy hand and short, even fingernails, wondering if the human race will ever evolve out of our nails altogether. Ew.

We had a look at the cakes entered in the contest. Just as I was going to take a picture of the litter box cake which I found very realistic, my camera's battery died. Seems it has better taste than I do. Tragically, we didn't get to stick around to see which cakes were the big winners, or to provide any investigative taste testing.

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F.I.B said...

oh man i want to see what a litter box cake looks like!!!