Tuesday, May 19, 2009

when life gives you nettles...

...make nettles tacos! I tried, but lost control of the cumin and things went very wrong. They were good though, before that, tasting like spinach but slightly more substantial and reminding me of corn.

I wore gloves when washing and cutting them, not wanting to get any stinging welts. Then I sauteed them well with garlic and minced onions until I was sure all histamines were neutralized. As an experiment, I rubbed one of the remaining prickly stems on my hand before tossing it in the compost, and nothing happened, though. WTF?

I've only seen nettles for sale at the Cortelyou Farmers market (Cortelyou and Rugby, Sunday mornings) where I bought them along with garlic greens, green onions and bib lettuce, all 2 dollars a bunch. I found it odd that the man I bought the nettles from turned out to be Tibetan, considering how much I've been hearing about the Tibetan Saint/ Buddhist Folkhero Milarepa who was believed to have subsisted entirely off the prickly greens. Perhaps this was Milarepa's repentence for the vengeance he wrought on his enemies. Perhaps he sought the wealth of health benefits which include alleviated allergies, help with prostrate issues, anemia, baldness, arthritis and other things. It's rumored that his diet turned his skin green.

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