Friday, July 10, 2009

boathouse swallows

Barn Swallows, I think. The babies still in the nests wedged into the ornamentation on the boathouse, at least as of yesterday when we passed through. The parents swoop down to snag insects flying above the water and return quickly, regularly, and it's a very beautiful thing to watch the transfer of insect from mouth to mouth, especially when the parents must quickly slow themselves down, spreading their tail feathers in a fan that seems dramatic, gracious, uncharacteristic and in very good keeping with the boathouse's classical embellishments.

July 15-19 the boathouse and environs will be overrun with the Macy's fishing contestants (not a fan, sorry, can't help it, I have trouble with the "open season" mentality) so I hope the swallow chicks fledge sooner than later.

Have a look at Brenda A-Year-in-the-Park's Swallow chick shot here.

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Matthew said...

Barn swallows, for sure.