Saturday, July 11, 2009

hornet's nest

A wrathful hornet took revenge upon the gardener who had destroyed its swarm's low hanging nest in the Dove Tree, a canopy of heart shaped leaves and nuts resembling large green olives. The gardener had come back the following day to find the tenacious swarm attempting to recolonize branches of the tree near the spot of the previous day's devastation, so the gardener took up arms, loppers and hose, and cut higher into the tree while drenching the insects to discourage rebuilding, or at least cause them to build a nest high enough so that no garden visitor might casually ramble into a cornupcopia of angery stings.

I heard him holler and, in pain, drop his implements, and when 2 little girls came along soon after, strolling under the locus of the hornet's ambition, I shooed them away, scaring them with too much neurosis. It seems to run in the family, given that two young members of my swarm came to colonize my bed last night, each having dreamed about stinging insects.


Cotton Wool & Silk said...

Amarilla, my dear. . . your response is so helpful. In more ways than you can know. . .I know there is truth in those words preached. Many cannot hear that truth however. You seem to grasp the power of weakness, vulnerability, and yes, how it surfaces in love, faith, and trust.
And thank you for sharing Hafiz -- I did not know that poem.

Meister Eckhart is very intriguing. I have mostly run across him as a "second source" in someone else's writing. I wonder if you're familiar with the Catholic theologian Matthew Fox. . .he's written many things, but it was in a (now) old book of his that I ran across many things that M. Eckhart said/wrote. That book, by M. Fox is *Original Blessing.*

Peace to you. . .

And I love this photograph! Do you ever sell any of your work? I'm in to buying excellent photography.

amarilla said...

Thanks, I'm happy to sell work.