Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Sun

Going out to rake the leaves this morning I noticed the shrouded sun in the South East. Another grey day, and now, talk of light snow. In the leaves, that were mostly London Plane and Linden, I found an Almond Joy wrapper, pieces of shredded styrofoam from a Dunkin Donuts cup, celophane wrappers, brown paper bags, menus and some different sort of grungy wipes. No dope bags or condoms or cigarette butts in sight. I believe the leaves will be composted or made into mulch by the city, well, that's what I hope anyway.

The city didn't give us those free brown bags this year like they did last year so I used a clear plastic bag to gather the leaves. I love those brown bags, I guess I can buy my own somewhere. The ones we got last year we didn't wind up using for leaves for some reason. One became my son's best plaything for an afternoon, he kept standing it up and fighting it, he did this for about 2 hours. Finally he started crying, broken hearted because the bag wouldn't stand up on its own anymore.

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