Monday, November 19, 2007

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I'm so sick of running out for laundry detergent, and I find the earth friendly kinds on the expensive side. I'd love to know where I could run in and refill my jug, I wonder if you can do that at the Food Coop. If not there, then where?

Another option is to make it at home. I got this recipe from The big question is this: where can you buy washing soda, or sodium carbonate, in Brooklyn. If anyone knows please give me a shout. I know I can get Zote at Ctownon 9th St., but I didn't see Fels Naptha there. Borax was on hand. What was the Ronald Regan connection again, oh my memory. Furthermore, the banner at the instructables website reminds me of Brit in Brooklyn's banner, I wonder what's behind that. You have to know, if anyone thinks originality is overrated, its me. Originality for its own sake seems like its all about ego. Furthermore, some degree of originality is unavoidable.

Ok, back to soap.
Here's the recipe from instructables, my new favorite place to get tangled in the web. Find the rest of the instructions here.

1 bar laundry soap like Fels Naptha or Zote, or Ivory - Zote can be found in hispanic grocery stores
1 Box Borax - found in the laundry aisle
1 box Washing Soda or Oxi Clean, orBaking soda - (Washing Soda AKA soda ash AKA sodium carbonate available in some grocery stores made by Arm and Hammer or you may find it art supply stores in the dyeing section

Update: Arm & Hammer Washing Soday found, Windsor Terrace Key Food, $2.49. Ctown has it for $2.39.

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Anonymous said...

home chemistry seems a bit scary. costco/bjs sell these giganto size containers. good for 100 washes. if i could find earth friendly stuff for comparable price i'd definitely get it though.