Sunday, December 2, 2007

NYC Friday: NY Foundling Hospital

I had an appointment to meet with someone in Manhattan on Friday. On the way into the city I found 5 dollars in the dry leaves (assorted kinds.) On the way home I was buying more pants to cover the rapidly lengthening legs of my children against the cold and someone handed me a 20% off coupon just as I was checking out; at the very last minute in fact, as I was signing my name on the electronic screen. What did I do right? Funny, I left Manhattan never having seen the young woman I came in to see, although I waited at least an hour, but it seems my timing was perfect that day anyway. Along with all the free money, I saw at least 4 costumed characters on 6th Avenue, these 3 in front of the Foundling Hospital and then a rhino a block away. I thought Manhattan was for models and suits, I had no idea the suits would be so plush. Keep it coming...

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