Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby Love

While loitering in front of the house we sometimes run into our neighbors, 2 SVA students who for some reason take an interest in us even though we are not half as hip. They are friendly people and unlike many of gotham's younger voices, they don't hate children. They ask "how are you" as if they really want to know, they're generous with their advice and amusing stories.

The last time we saw them they told us about a surprise birth that had occured in their aparment which they share with several rodents and snakes. They had no idea their chincilla was pregnant. One day they peered into the cage and saw a strange appendage on the female that turned out to be her baby.

This art student radiated joy and happiness like I've rarely seen in someone so hip. I am still basking in its glow. We found out all about the struggles of the chinchilla couple as they adapt to life with baby and learned much about this odd little animal from the Andes whose fur is so soft it inspired overhunting that nearly lead to its extinction.

We wanted to know if they were going to sell the little fella, but no, they are keeping their baby. I hope they never move so we can loiter with them and watch that tiny fur ball grow up. Actually it's because of them that we felt comfortable getting a chinchilla ourselves, before we fully comtemplated the fact that they often live for up to 20 years. It was really kind of a hapless decision, but so far it's working out.

And Cruella, don't even think about it.


Lo said...

we have chinchillas at the school where I teach; they're great!!

amarilla said...

Ours is a real sweety who looks like happy snoopy when you scratch him under his chin. And so far, no one's allergic to him.