Friday, January 18, 2008

The Story of the Story of a House for a Dollar

It was a little bizarre yesterday to look at the links list at OTBKB and see a Brooklynometry story attributed to Brooklyn Junction. I thought it was a mistake, so I clicked on the link and read Brooklyn Junction's post about the Brooklynometry post A House for a Dollar, which was picked up by Gothamist. Brooklyn Junction didn't make any mention of Brooklynometry. Strange, I think. Gothamist had it, right there under that gorgeous photo they came up with from mercurialn's flickr. I guess Brooklynometry is too small, random and illiterate a fish to appear to the Brooklyn Junction bigger fish eyeball.

You know you can pimp out Brooklynometry alls you like. Attention makes Brooklynometry one happy ho. You just say the name when you do it. But I'm sure I've done things far worse so I have no hard feelings to BJ. And I really like the word "junction." Just so you know BJ, in case you actually read this. But of course, you should read Gothamist with the precious little time you have, of course, without question.

Funny how I came across the story. Actually I was searching for ghost stories, so I went to a meetup of the Brooklyn Ghost Society. I didn't come away with a ghost story I could sink my teeth into (wah!), but this real estate one was so sweet it did something to my brain. And luckily the teller was kind enough to throw it to the 4 winds via Brooklynometry, where it landed in Gothamist, and then Brooklyn Junction, and then OTBKB, and then the GL. So thanks again for that tale, a lot of people seemed to enjoy it. A Victorian for a dollar, what's not to like? It's like candy. Candy that belongs to Brooklyn. (Candy is on my mind today after reading Deep In the Heart of Brooklyn on Isaac Asimov and his father's series of Brooklyn candy stores. Pete's is great but it's nice when history blinks its astonishing eye at you.)

I'm wondering if some felt manipulated by the title of the post "A House for a Dollar," because as the story traveled it was rewritten twice with reference to the time period. Apologies if the original title of the post caused any sudden or violent reactions.

Ok, back to the navel of my navel of my navel. My sitemeter, that is.


J$ said...

OTBKB is too wrapped up in her happy little place coming up with fake cutesy names and reasons why everything is wonderful to actually follow through and attribute the (great) story to it's originator.

amarilla said...

Wasn't it Brooklyn Junction who should have been more careful or considerate? Can you imagine how much there is to check into once you start down that road? I wonder though why she didn't just link to the Gothamist story. Well, at least I got to read about the wooden underpants. I like the wooden underpants.

Brooklyn Junction said...


An honest mistake on my part. No hard feelings, I hope. I like to attribute stories to the people who write them, and I very simply glanced over the very obvious reference to you that opened the Gothamist story. I'll update my post with a correction.


Eli Kramer
Brooklyn Junction

amarilla said...

Eli, no hard feelings at all. Actually, I'm very impressed with people who have the integrity to apologize. It's a very beautiful thing. And you know, I'm sure I'll turn around and make the same mistake in about 2 seconds, or do some other thing I'll regret, and owe someone an apology.