Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday kind of Tuesday

It didn't go so bad considering it might as well be Monday. After my son's few outbursts of anguish about going to school, he settled into eating Special K with a few Captain Crunch mixed in and made the mental adjustment. He wanted to stay home and watch Tom and Jerry. The fifth grader faced the music after missing a week of school, still not entirely back to herself but motivated enough to fix herself tea in a travel cup. The little one looking fierce and proclaiming "I fighted the puppet with a sword!"

Dropping off the kids I saw more Brooklynites than I have in 3 days, parents walking their kids to school, youngish people wearing scarves trudging off to the subway, some with travel cups in hand. A stubborn toddler refusing to move while her mother walks ahead, the frosty cloud of her breath gracefully complementing her wrath. A kid, late for school, bounding along behind her mom, the pompom on her hat bouncing along with the rhythm of her little legs. Someone walking slowly to the bus stop. People who look tough, a man whose arms didn't swing as he moved holding the stub of a cigarette in his mouth, a woman who moved like a boxer but whose face I could easily imagine on a little girl.

I'd love to know what jobs those people have, it's not as easy to tell as in Fisher Price cities. I wonder what they're good at, what kind of crap they have to put up with, if the job is a struggle or something that just flows along with interesting incidences happening every once in a while.

I could go on, but won't, for your sake and mine. I want to look around and see if anyone has anything to say about the 6 Chapels event honoring MLK that took place at Old First yesterday.

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