Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dub Truck, B Side

Walking up to Prospect Park West the other day I came across the dub truck again, and asked the guy driving if I could take a picture of the truck. He turned out to be Gareth, the man behind the bakery. He told me the paintings were done by someone called Love Billy, whom he allowed to paint one side of the truck as he wished as long as he painted a meat pie on the other.

Gareth wanted to know if I had tried the pies, which I have, the curry vegetable. It was delicious. Pushing it, I asked him if he was from New Zealand even though I already knew he was. He said yes, sheepishly. Eyeing him, I noticed he is much more elf than orc. I hear that people from there are self-effacing in a charming way, I wonder if that's really true. It seems to be. Maybe I'll find out, because though Figwit lives (in LA), here in Brooklyn, we have Gareth.

I told him I'd been watching Flight of the Conchords, and he agreed that was a good show. When I noted that it seemed like there are lots of cultural influences from New Zealand right now, he said, "Yes, we're taking over" in a tired, pleasantly sarcastic way. (Maybe he's heard that comment too often.) From what I've seen, that would mean a lot of savory pies, beautiful hand-painted trucks, amusingly hapless musicians breaking into impassioned song at any moment, girls riding whales, and of course small individuals overcoming monstrous evil. Sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

Hit or miss these pies. The last one I had was dried out after sitting inside that glass case in the store front. And was so peppery, like someone spilled a box o' pepper in the mix. The first one I had was moist and good. Hey DUB, better have some quality control at the home store.

Unknown said...

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