Thursday, February 28, 2008

4th Avenue Burner and Heating

Honestly I will be very happy when I can get by without a car but that time is not now. Luckily I am finding things to love on those somewhat desolate and overpowering avenues that bear fuel stations, Coney Island Ave. and 4th Ave.

Driving down 4th Avenue on Monday the sun was striking this sign that I had never noticed before even though I have actually written about things on the same block. I was listening to a segment about power shortages in Iraq, specifically, an incident in a place called Amarillo where 3 hospitalized children had died because the power was off at the hosptial for three days even though it was supposed to be turned on every other day. Apparently an official had demanded power for a meeting he was having so the hospital had to compensate for that usage. This is the story I heard on NPR moments before filling up my gas tank entirely at the Hess station.

I learned from the 4th Ave Burner manager Joe that the sign was hand painted by David Smirnoff of David Signs, located on Coney Island Ave, a little over 10 years ago. It seems older than that, have styles changed so much in such a short time? Housed in the front window of the store is a vintage drill press from the retooling outfit they used to have in the back for rehabilitating burners and heaters, back in the days before the disposable economy held sway. Note the umlaut over the o in the word Buffalo on the drill, is that word German? At least it's got only 2 dots.

We have it good here, no matter what pretentious things people want to do with umlauts, now or back in the day.

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