Friday, February 29, 2008

Storefront Catacombs at 4th Avenue Station

Under the 4th Avenue 9th Street station, a vital organ in this city's infrastructure, I found a storefront cemetery. Unlike those in limbo on 7th Avenue, these seem gone for good, they ate the whole pomegranate and will never leave the underworld. How long since any of these were in business? One shop has a very welcoming wooden door in spite of all the grime it is covered with, painted shell pink, so feminine and delicate for this place of filth and gloom. It gives me the feeling they once sold panties or braziers there.

If you ever find yourself down there, make sure you go into the light.


Anonymous said...

There's been folks in the more recently than most of us would realize. As late as five years ago, I went to a thrift shop in the Southeast corner of the tower on the West side of the street. (To the left of the subway entrance if you're facing it.) It was a dump, of course. I forget if it was even a charity or not.

I think there was a VFW hall in there around the corner at about the same time, but I may be mistaken about that.

amarilla said...

Hey Icky, a thrift store, hmmm.
I wonder if these places were shut down of if all the businesses just withered away in that gloom.

Phill said...

I dare say I was the only person that had stepped foot in that thrift store in ages. I think it might have been connected with the church across the block. It was the sort of place with dirty stuffed animals that you're afraid might give you a disease.

Image when that weird building was brand new - Those were probably beautiful little thriving spaces! Ah, well. It'll all be Park Slope soon enough.

amarilla said...

City Mouse and Icky you two seem to have a lot in common. Beyond shopping at that thrift store, you both blog around and cultivate greener pastures. Am I wrong?

Phill said...

You are indeed correct! Dang Blogger. I was trying not to mix my metaphors. Forgot to sign out, LOL!