Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bowling at Maple Lanes

I went to Maple Lanes for the first time before leaving for Mexico. It was my son's turn to chose what we did and he chose bowling. On the way over he cried, though, because he wanted to go to Melody Lanes in Sunset Park, and my husband had decided that we would try Maple Lanes because he heard good things about it from a friend.

My son warmed up to the place. It is frightful to watch him bowl. He throws the ball up in the air and when it crashes down on the wood floor I'm always surprised it doesn't make a hole. Then he likes to lie down on the ground so he can see the course of the ball from that angle. If we bowl more we really have to try to work with him more on his technique. Not that I'd have anything to teach him, his scores are higher than mine as it is.

We made him get up off the floor again and again because we didn't want anyone smashing his head with their ball. Aren't we good parents? My daughter said that some people were making out under her seat. I didn't even notice and she didn't tell me until afterwards.

At Maple Lanes they have lit bowling on the right and "cosmic" black light bowling on the left. It was very crowded when we went on a Saturday afternoon and people were having birthday parties there. It was like a birthday factory, I kid you not. I saw at least 6 cakes, the ones with a photo of someone's adorable face transferred onto the icing.

It was pleasant to see the dining counter, the kind with loops that I used to see at the Woolworth's on 14th St. years ago.

Here's the website, and in case you are wondering ( I hear you Lisanne) it is on 60th street in Bensonhurst/Boro Park.


Lisanne said...

Where is this wonderful place? LOVE the dining counter.


Does it have a cocktail lounge?

amarilla said...

Hi there Lisanne,

The address and website are now in the post. Enjoy. They have a bar, I don't know if you'd call it a cocktail lounge, more of a Sports Bar perhaps.