Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This old house on Prospect Avenue by 7th demands my attention whenever I pass it. Maybe it's the high chain link fence surrounding it, maybe it's the way it looks like a remnant of a ghost town. It's easy to imagine a gun toting cowboy with bowed legs strutting across that porch to his mount, ladies in big skirts and red lips waving goodbye.

There are very few houses like this around here. There's one near Prospect and PPW, which looks very different, the basic shape is the same but it's been covered with white siding and all the original details have been erased. This one still has it's original style even if much of it is partially decayed.

I wonder why the fence, has it been abandoned and dangerous for that long? What was going on in there? It's very unusual for a residence to be surrounded by chain link. We have many other more gracious kinds of fencing here in Brooklyn. The fence may have been put up by that demo company, Demo Deluxe, that used it to hang their sign. I wonder what makes their services deluxe, I can see it's not the style of fence their sign is mounted to. Maybe it comes with fries.

If you can see beyond the fence, it looks like this place has potential. But you never know how deep the rot has worked its way in.

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