Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Liquor Store on Quiet Strip in Windsor Terrace

I had intended to blog about the Park Circle goose, but when I sought it out it was not there. I had seen it the day before so I was a little surprised it wasn't there still. I don't know why I was surprised though, the thing can fly, can't it? Why does it hang out there so often, all alone? Perhaps because that circle, also named P. O. Machate Circle after a fallen police officer, somehow manages to be a distinctly refreshing place, perfumed with mulched pine and dotted with plants in a way that feels mysteriously random and spacious. It helps that it also hosts the splendor of the horses that pass through on their way from the Kensington Stable (SAVE THE STABLE!) to the horse paths in Prospect Park.

I found something more surprising than a single goose in a traffic circle, which was this playhouse set up in the back of the new liquor store in Windsor Terrace, Juice Box, which is on Prospect Avenue between Greenwood and Reeve.

They know their clientele, I suppose. Next door to Juice Box is Little Stars, a daycare run by some fabulously kind people, Ilana and Ira (my son went there) and across the street is Sunflower, one of a string of daycares that started in Carrol Gardens (my daughter went there.)

The block is very child friendly, and the street, which is wide but not traffic heavy, boasts Cynthia King's Dance Studio and Cafe Crossroads, started by a local mom, where music groups met until they determined that the space couldn't keep up with the size of the crowds they were drawing. Still, they offer a pile of books and toys in the corner and welcome the youngsters.

The name Juice Box for a liquor store intrigues me, as does the playhouse. Guffawing at it, I couldn't help reflect on the drama at Union Hall, where I hear breast milk is back on tap. I hope it works out for everyone, the mom's have their off-peak hours, and later the bar can belong to those who'd like to curse like sailors without inhibition, or those who simply need a break from their own kids. It's a difficult dance this balance of finding maximum freedom and respect for everyone. We have to watch out for each other's toes, or at least try not to bash each other with bocce balls.


Lo said...

I'll have to check out Juice Box! We were just in a liquor store yesterday with the baby. Heh.

Jill Conner said...

This reminds me of Shenanigan Bar's daily "Teacher Appreciation from 3-5pm," along Caton Avenue.

Anonymous said...

I like Juice Box and its friendly owners, who have kids at ps 154. WT needs more businesses like this.

None said...

Thanks. Juice Box sounds worth a look.

Anonymous said...

Stores that feature wine, which this one seems to, are not typically called "liquor stores," hence (perhaps) the adorable name. Here in NYC, liquor stores are those places where the shelves are lined with whisky, vodka, gin, bourbon, etc. and the wine is an afterthought.

amarilla said...

Hmmmm, gin, did someone say gin? Made from juniper berries, that one's my favorite. Too bad I can't handle my liquor any better than I can the distinctions of stores that sell fine wines to distinguished costumers and those that roll out the hard stuff.