Thursday, January 21, 2010

A break in programing enjoy the sloth Weather Hare met in Costa Rica. You must take a sloth break.


Maki said...

Is this about Sloth on my blog?
Thank you for your visit.^^
I visited your blog some times.I'm sorry but, I can't comments in English well.
I will comment to your blog by my funny English if you okay.^^

amarilla said...

Yes, your sloth is really something. Did you leave a comment in Japanese before? If so, sorry, I deleted it, wasn't sure what it was.

Funny English is THE BEST English and is very welcome here. BTW, your photos on your blog are absolutely gorgeous, some of the best things I've seen. Fresh!

Maki said...

Oh! Thank you for your impressions to my photos. I am so happy.

I didn't leave Japanese comments.
I'm practicing English now.