Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I guess it's no surprise that many are hostile to Jung, he provided much to irritate. For instance, the idea that we project our shadow onto the world where it gives that special aura of annoyance to all the things that get under our skin. Anyway these are a difficult few days, marked, from my perspective, with endless shadow play of projection, hypocrites accusing others of hypocrisy, control freaks accusing others of being controlling, the selfish accusing others of selfishness, people taking inspiration from eastern philosophers accusing others of orientalism. The moments when one turns the lens on oneself, with acceptance, seem rare and sacred, no wonder, its a really hard thing to do. So while many would love to expunge Jung from their consciousness, here's another thing they might like to forget as fast as they can, Buddha: To straighten the crooked, you must first do a harder thing...straighten yourself. Or for those who prefer the flavor of the Occident: Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye. Matthew 7:5


Old First said...

Have you noticed how similar Jung's drawings are, at least in style, in the red book, to Tolkien's own drawings for the Red Book (as the Lord of the Rings was originally called)? And didn't Tolkien get the shadow side perfect?

amarilla said...

I still haven't seen those drawings! Well, that gives something to look forward to.