Monday, January 18, 2010

Kings Plaza 6 Theaters Closed

Hoping to take the young ones to a movie while at Kings Plaza by special request we were surprised to find the theaters shuttered, for good. A security guard told me they shut the doors two weeks ago and are constructing a Best Buy to fill the space. At Cinema Treasures commenters provide a window into the history of the Kings Plaza 6. One writes:
"Since I was the one who posted this theater originally to Cinema Treasures (I'm also gena2), it only seems appropriate that I be the one to post of its demise. I heard a very strong rumor that this theater will be gone soon, and in its place there will be a Best Buy (like we really need that). It saddens me greatly, as this theater (like the Kingsway, the Marboro, and the Georgetown Twin) was one of my childhood theaters. My late grandmother took me here to see Rocky 3, though I'm sure she was slightly disturbed that her six year old granddaughter wanted to see it. (I liked the theme song.) My last memory of going here, is seeing "What's Love Got to Do With It?" about the life of Tina Turner. During all the scenes in which Tina was getting beat up by Ike, a man near me was yelling "Go get her Ike! Beat her up BUT GOOD!' It was at this point that I realized I could no longer patronize this theater. The moviegoers were just too insane. But I'll miss it. Thinking of going one more time for old time's sake."
I wonder if she went, and what the people were like. I can't endorse defining the crowd by its most obnoxious member, as that is a heinous mistake I notice I make too often, but I do enjoy her memories of the theater.


Chris said...

If you havent supported the theater since 1993, I dont think you can express outrage at the theater's demise.

amarilla said...

Many people live lives as outrage waiting to happen for the slightest, right? All one has to do to confirm this is read blog comments. It's a miserable life.