Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Came across this and many other agave while climbing Sugarloaf in Sedona with the horde. It was raining, we wrapped ourselves in plastic panchos, watched the red rocks turn reflective and pale, saw the red dirt turn to red mud. Walked past pack rat nests, they are large piles of debris, viewed prickly pears eaten by Javelinas, watched tiny blue green plants soak in the rain and practically come to life before my eyes.

Our guide had had a run-in with the tip of an agave leaf, smooth woody spears that indigenous people have used as sewing needles. While climbing a cliff his companion somehow disturbed the vegetation so that an agave leaf skewered his finger. He found it fascinating and took a photo before he pulled it out and continued his climb. That's the not so sweet aspect of agave, but I hear it's plenty sweet although I've never tried the syrup, which seems to have become very popular, they even sell it at our local grocery store here in Brooklyn. As for the original sugarloaves, I don't think anyone has seen any of those around here for quite a long time.


mikesorgatz said...

beauty with an edge, love the desert

amarilla said...

Hey Mike! Have a look at my flickr page for more desert if you like. I think you would enjoy the prickly pear's geometry and subtle tone shifts as much as I did.

mikesorgatz said...

the prickly pear shots are great! that red sedona dirt is just amazingly intense.