Wednesday, February 24, 2010

loggy stone

Reading about sandstone, the rock composed of aggregated desert sand, rock in evidence everywhere in the Grand Canyon and in Sedona's red rock towers as well as in Brooklyn's brownstones, I learned that these rocks become aquifers because of their porousness. I imagine Brooklyn's sandstone walls are getting pretty soggy about now. It's interesting to think that the walls are, at this point, as much water as conglomerates of Triassic sand.

As far as I can tell, the Brooklyn brownstones are not chunks of Arizona however, because obviously then they'd be redstones. I believe what we have here are chunks of Connecticut, and maybe New Jersey.


Matthew said...

Going up to Mass. on 84 past Hartford, one notices that the exposed ground becomes reddish and crumbly. Outcroppings of sandstone are glimpsed. It's the Brooklyn rowhouse mother lode!

amarilla said...

I wonder if the old quarry is still used. Must be enormous.