Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anthem and Brownies

Maybe the shamelessness is good timing, we seemed to need a graphic example of the kind of greed that is a violence to our nation. So perhaps we can thank Anthem/Wellcare/BCBS for the heinous display of raising CA health care premiums 39% (on top of a double digit hike last year) even while the company president, Angela Baly makes 1.1 million a year plus 8.7 in stock options. I look forward to decency becoming more fashionable than wealth in America. Based on the warmth and generosity of most everyone I know, it's not too hard to imagine. What kind of monsters are these people?

Meanwhile in NYC...the city hopes to reduce childhood obesity by banning things like homemade brownies at school bake sales, while offering products such as Frito Lay's Doritos. What's happening here? A belief that brownies are really at the root of our health problems? Look deeper, NYC. It's a much, much bigger beast. To the system's credit, I'd say the ballroom dancing programs offered in some NYC schools have more to offer children's health and well being than this cookie cutter hysteria/ superficial control freak over-regulation.

How does a nation find a balance between appropriate and excessive regulation?

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