Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How about them caruncles?

I didn't like to think too much about the hard looks that turkey was giving me, and anyway, I was too blown away to think about anything at all besides how something like that could exist outside of Hollywood. Ok, and whether or not this is a domestic or wild turkey. Either way this bird had such a dignified presence and surprising almond-shaped liquid eye that I was overeager to feed it corn from my hand, which it pecked at fairly mercilessly. Luckily its snood kept coming between my hand and its hard, pointy beak. I was also surprised by how much this bird, which we visited at Penning's Orcahrd, reminded me of a condor. I wonder if, at some point in its history, the baldness helped to keep traces of carrion from festering on its head too. Tofurkey this year?

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