Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Orange Country Apples

We took a trip to Penning's Orchard in Warwick, NY. My children wondered why we left New York and went to New Jersey to get to somewhere in New York. The answer is we like it complicated. The drive through the forests of Northern New Jersey was an unexpected pleasure and had many familiar segments - one part near looked exactly like the road my father lives on in Virginia, a route that snakes along Passage Creek in a narrow valley between Blue Ridge upheavels. Another stretch looked exactly like a familiar place up in Maine. Everyone seemed enchanted with that road, route 23, and we hadn't even seen the apples at the end of it, the small Braeburn trees heavily loaded with the last of the season.


Anonymous said...

These last few post are just bursting with fall. So warm...Lovely!

amarilla said...

Thanks, it is kinda warm fall here!