Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Animal Killings in Prospect Park, Updated

I hate hearing this...I've just learned what I've been seeing in Prospect Park, the burned phragmites at Prospect Lake, the heart nailed to a tree, is most likely part of a grisly trend in public land use that involves the killing and injuring of both wild and domestic animals. It seems more like the work of a psychopath than artifacts of religious practices or some other rituals, but as of yet who can say for sure. More here.

Updated, John Boy swan didn't survive his injuries, and just because he's mean spirited doesn't mean he won't be missed. Funny to hear these mean spirited people in the comments complaining of how swans are mean spirited, the pot calling the kettle black, or stainless, teflon, or whatever. Just cause he's mean spirited doesn't mean he won't be missed. RIP John Boy swan. The story.


knithound brooklyn said...

Link doesn't work.
Call the cops if it hasn't been done already.

amarilla said...

Fixed. It would be interesting to really know what an Brooklyn officer thinks of this... I bet they've seen some really weird stuff. Sometimes it's political...http://gothamist.com/2009/12/22/parks_gardener_santeria_sacrifices.php

HARE said...

amarilla, this is terribly sad thing!
I think we need we turn this fact attention like you. This is also the problem of people living on the earth. I am worried about this. When I will next visit, I would like to clean the lake in your brooklyn if may I do.

amarilla said...

You are truly extraordinary, Makiko.

HARE said...

Oh, forgive me about that amarilla.